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1002 senzaki
Nagato Yamaguchi

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401-2 heki ue
Nagato Yamaguchi

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27-2 Higashi Fukawa
Nagato Yamaguchi

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Independence, Creation and Challenge

Educational System
1.We attempt the realization of school precepts (Independence, Creation, and Challenge )
 in all educational activities.
2.We promote a systematic career education and seek to nurture human resoucreces
 who can contribute to society.
3.We enhance the quality of education in each subject and promote each student's growth
 as a human being of high virtue, strong body and mind.

Objectives of Education
1To improve each student's potential and support the realization of their dreams and goals.
2.To promote each student's independence and autonomy so they can develop their abilities
 to choose their own future courses.
3.Think Globally, Act Locally.

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Ohtsu High School, Yamaguchi Heki Agricultural High School,
Yamaguchi Suisan Fishery High School were merged into
Yamaguchi Ohtsu Ryokuyo High School in April,2011.

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Working to become Japan's most productive high school

 Ohtsu Ryokuyo High School was newly founded in April, 2011
after the incorporation of three schools:Ohtsu High School,
Heki Agricultural High School, and Suisan Fishery High School.
It is the first high shool in Yamaguchi prefecture that has three different
campuses where students study academic subjects,agriculture,and fishery respectively.
 One of Ohtsu Ryokuyo High School's core values is to promote career
education.Fortunately, we have a large farm and a variety of animals and plants
at the Heki Campus; we have ships and fish farms at the Suisan Campus.
These facilities are available to all the students regardless of the campus
where they study. We believe these various opportunities help them to develop
their community and to grow as human beings.
 Ohtsu Ryokuyo High School is attempting to create a unique environment
where every student's dreams can come true.